Q&A about CamScanner for Education in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile

3 min readSep 23, 2021


CamScanner recently announced CamScanner for Education program granting access to the premium version of its product for free to universities in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile to empower students and educators.

1. What is CamScanner for Education, and what is the difference between the CamScanner for Education program from previous CamScanner EDU programs?

CamScanner for Education is a program aiming to empower students and educators and support digital education around the world. The initiative opens CamScanner premium access($84/year value) to verified university users, including students, teachers, and faculty.

By joining the CamScanner for Education program, you will have full access to 30 premium account benefits, including 10G cloud space, ad-free experience, no watermark on the scan, the ID scan feature, the capacity to convert images to Excel, and more — free of charge.

The benefits last for one year once granted; and requires re-activate every year as long as you maintain the enrollment status at the university.

You may find the differences of CamScanner for Education vs our previous education benefit in the following chart,

2. How to join the CamScanner for Education Program?

Firstly, verify your education identity before joining CamScanner for Education program by clicking Me — account — Education Benefits. Then enter your country, school name, school email, and other required information, and click Verify.

Your School Circle will be activated once the education account is verified. You may share the School Circle with your classmates or colleagues within the university. All of the education accounts in the school will be automatically upgraded to premium when the number of verified education accounts from your university reaches 20 only.

You may also track the number of verified educational accounts on the School Circle page at Me — account — Education Benefits

3. I’ve already verified my education account. Can I still join the CamScanner for Education program?

Yes, the CamScanner for Education program is an upgrade in addition to the EDU program.

If your school already has 20+ verified education accounts, CamScanner premium access is granted to you automatically. Please make sure your CamScanner app is the latest version.

You may check the number of verified education accounts in your school on your School Circle page at Me — account — Education Benefits. If it hasn’t reached 20 yet, please invite more people within your school to join CamScanner and verify their education identities as once there’re 20+ verified accounts, all accounts are upgraded to premium automatically.

4. After I receive premium access, do I need to pay?

No. The CamScanner for Education is a contribution from CamScanner to universities. Thus all the benefits are free to you.

5. What happens to my CamScanner account when I graduate from university?

Your CamScanner education account will still be valid until your next renewal as long as it’s associated with a university email address. If you intend to continue using CamScanner, you’ll have to verify your account again with your school email. You may also switch to the free basic account, or pay for the premium account. We hope you choose to stick with us.

6. I can’t find access to education verification anywhere on my CamScanner app. Why?

If you can’t find the education verification access, please check if,

- Your school has not yet joined the CamScanner for Education program.

- You are already a Premium account user.

- Your CamScanner has not been upgraded to the latest version. Please update your CamScanner app and check again.

7. My school is not covered by the CamScanner for Education program yet, anything I can do if I want it to be covered?

You may contact a university staff or faculty member to write to us at camscanner_mkt@intsig.com. We will process your request and reply as soon as possible.