Millions of People Use CamScanner to Increase Their Work-from-home Productivity

Recently, a survey conducted by Stanford University shows that people who work remotely are more productive than they were early in the pandemic. Compared to those who were working from the office, people who work remotely are reported to be about 9 percent more efficient. They have applied lots of office tools to improve productivity. Document scanning app CamScanner is a typical example.

Back in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new “working-from-home economy,” with over 42 percent of the labor force working remotely full-time in the United States alone — nearly twice as many as those who work on their firm premises. Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom just predicted that this new work trend was likely to continue long after the pandemic passed. At that time, despite the fact that working from home was becoming the norm, according to Business Uncertainty, just 51% of individuals who work remotely could do so effectively. The lack of appropriate tools and approaches was one of the reasons for their poor performance. Noticing that, the document scanning app CamScanner targeted to help more people to improve work efficiency.

CamScanner had launched a video tutorial and blog instructions on various unique technologies in its program to allow millions of users to work from home more efficiently, adapting to the new work-from-home era. CamScanner is a mobile software that allows users to scan a range of documents and convert them to JPG or PDF files. This feature combines automatic page edge detection and background cutting to reduce post-scan image processing and boost efficiency. Users can also e-sign papers, apply watermarks, and encrypt files with passwords before sharing them remotely with friends/coworkers or uploading them to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or even Evernote.

Premium features include advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology that recognizes typed or handwritten text and transforms scanned images into editable files. The app also allows users to organize files into categories, use tags, and quick search documents.

Meanwhile, CamScanner’s website includes a series of free online PDF utilities that let users convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG to PDF, and a few more formats. CamScanner PDF converter secures all the files with 256-bit SSL Encryption, and the data users have submitted won’t be shared with or accessed by any other parties.

CamScanner promises to assist organizations to improve communication and workflow with their employees in this new environment, enhancing efficiency and productivity using innovative but straightforward technologies.

Remote employment is becoming more widespread in a variety of areas as technology advances. Remote employment may be found in practically every area, from those that you’d anticipate (tech, freelancing, etc.) to ones that are a little more surprising (education, healthcare, law).

Currently, CamScanner is chosen by over 550 million users, covering 200+ countries and areas. has honored it as ‘the best scanning app on the phone’. Microsoft Tech Summit has officially invited it for presentation. It is an outstanding scanning app recognized by both the market and users.

CamScanner is dedicated to increasing work productivity by enhancing all existing functionalities and aspires to be the most powerful document management solution for both individuals and businesses in the near future.



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