How to edit PDF files with your Android phone?

The CamScanner app has been a popular app for scanning and editing documents. Since its creation, it has become a good document management tool with plenty of exciting and innovative perks. One of its most important features is the ease of use!

With CamScanner, you can work and manage your files anywhere. Wherever you are, thanks to this apps’ file synchronization system, you can finally access and edit files on different platforms (Web or mobile version), anytime and anywhere! With this in mind, stick around to take a look at how to edit PDF files with this app’s exciting editing features.

How to edit PDF on the phone with CamScanner?

Like regular file editing tools, you can introduce digital documents and get cracking. But, what makes CamScanner stand out is that you can scan any document and immediately convert it to a digital file! You can easily do this by following these steps:

Step 1. Download and install CamScanner on your Android phone.

Step 2. Open the app and click on the button on the bottom right side corner.

Step 3. Take a picture of the document that you want to scan.

Step 4. Once you have taken the picture, auto-adjust or manually adjust the margins to get a proper image.

Step 5. Edit the lighting of your document and receive a digital version.

Keep protected all of your sensitive information with Anti-Counterfeit!

The world revolves around digital information. Hence the need to protect your digital data is fundamental! With this in mind, CamScanner introduced an Anti-counterfeit feature to Premium users. With this new tool, you can protect your brand and products. You can finally share any document as a brand because you will stay protected. Also, with this feature, you can add a background watermark to the paper to prevent any theft, illegal manipulation, etc.

Here is how you can easily do this with CamScanner:

Step 1. Click on “Markup” at the bottom menu.

Step 2. Select “Anti-counterfeit” in the menu at the bottom.

Step 3. Add an image authentication to protect the document.

You can also edit unwanted backgrounds or text in your PDF files.

By using this app, you can also erase any unnecessary background or information from your PDF files. Simply use the “Smudge” feature and select anything that you want to erase from the document. Pick a color that you want to place on top of it and make it disappear!

Learn how to highlight your text

Highlighted text in digital documents has become a necessary tool for students and workers. It is handy to highlight critical points that you want to revisit later on. It’s also a time-saver when working in long documents. You simply have to highlight relevant keywords or phrases, and you can keep tabs on those for later use. The CamScanner app also includes a versatile feature that allows you to highlight text on your mobile. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1. Select the information that you want to highlight.

Step 2. Pick the color and size of the marker.

Step 3. Save the document.

Have you ever wanted to add a watermark to a PDF file?

With CamScanner, you can also add any watermark of your design to a PDF file. Also, it is possible to choose the color and size of the watermark. Take note that nobody else can remove the watermark from your document.

Learn how to add text to PDF files

With the Add Text feature, you can easily add text to your PDFs without any complicated procedure. Whether you want to include study notes, references to team workers, or simply observations from your readings, with CamScanner, you can do all these and more. You can also pick the text color and size, and in case you make a mistake, there is an “Undo/Redo” button.

Converting a PDF file to Word in less than a minute

For many years, it was virtually impossible to convert a PDF file to Word. But now, not only can you do this in under a minute, but also, you can make it happen on your phone. All you need to do is open any PDF document with CamScanner, and select “Word” in the bottom menu. This app will automatically convert the PDF file to Word.

Share any document whenever you want

You can share any of your PDF files on social media or send them to your PC. Also, you can share it using a different method, for example, as a JPG, as a Word document, or as a long image. There are plenty of options for users.

Why is CamScanner so trustworthy?

All of the necessary PDF editing tools are available on your mobile device with the CamScanner App. You can use its tools to create scanned documents and do all sorts of editing on PDF files. The ease of use and the simple user interface will make your experience fast and enjoyable. Last but not least, use CamScanner to manage documents remotely or on the go. Suppose you want to take it to another level. In that case, you can become a premium user and access another impressive group of features.

Open CamScanner on your PC

CamScanner doesn’t limit your editing experience to your mobile. If you want to continue using the app on your PC by logging in at or download CamScanner desktop app, you can do it! All your PDF documents in the CamScanner Mobile App will automatically be imported to our website for your peace of mind. So, whenever you need to, you can access your entire folder of PDF documents online.

Download the CamScanner Mobile App to your Android device today and take your PDF editing game to the next level.



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