How CamScanner is Changing the Workflow in Real Estate Industry?

As a 20-year veteran in the real estate market as a broker I have witnessed firsthand the digital transformation of many of the processes within the industry. In an industry that is rife with paperwork from home appraisals to purchase offers to sale and closing contracts, each one no less than 10 pages long, my office once resembled a storage room of filing cabinets. Times have changed though over the past 10-years as the digital age changed many of these processes, and applications like CamScanner have led this transformation from cutting down on physical paperwork while simultaneously increasing efficiency through many of these processes.

CamScanner has numerous features that make real estate brokers life just that much easier, especially in today’s day in age of social distancing as well. I would like to take the time to highlight a few of the features and the processes I use on a daily basis in hopes to help simplify not only brokers procedures but of housing inspectors or those as well that are selling or purchasing a house.

Utilizing iOS ‘Single” feature for scanning real estate contract

From Paper to PDF: Whether you utilize the Single or Batch function on iOS or the Docs function on Android both help to quickly digitize a home inspection, purchase offer or a sales contract, while also allowing for you to take multiple image shots to capture each and every page of your documentation which can then later be compiled into a PDF for distribution to the necessary parties.

Sharing Documents: Real Estate may be one of the few industries that still rely heavily on faxing, and it’s apparent that CamScanner understands this and is one of the applications out there that still offer this service through their application, where you can directly share the scanned document and send it to a fax destination.

The method for sharing though does not end with faxing, as there are actually countless methods that CamScanner supports, from probably the most relevant in email to sharing through WhatsApp or Messenger, or even uploading it to one for the many cloud applications like Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox so all of your staff can access the documents from anywhere.

E-Signature & Watermarks: No sale is final, nothing is approved without that signature from both the seller and the buyer and in a day in the age where many of real estate purchases are done remotely for one reason or another it can be time-consuming sending papers back and forth to obtain all the necessary signatures, while also keeping everything confidential. The two features that CamScanner provides that alleviate this issue after having signed and created the document into a PDF is both the E-Signature as well as the Watermark features. The watermark feature in the premium version allows you to add your specific mark to the document to ensure that it cannot be replicated and is unique to your real estate firm. Once the watermark has been added, you are able to share the document to each party where they can utilize the application to add their specific signatures on the document and then return the file for final processing eliminating all the hassle of in-person signatures and ensuring a timely real estate transaction.

CamScanner has many more features that really enhance the ability for people within real estate or for those whom are involved in a real estate transaction to just make their lives that much easier, but also can be used in myriad ways throughout your everyday life. I highly recommend anyone that deals with endless amounts of paperwork to definitely download and try CamScanner and to realize its full potential and definitely won’t regret it as I have never looked back.



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