Hidden CamScanner features You Need To Know About

One of the main reasons CamScanner has risen above the rest of the document editing industry’s competition is its commitment to introduce new, bold and better features. With this app, you may already know that you can scan, edit and share documents on your social media or to any of your devices. However, there several unknown CamScanner’s features that you need to be aware of! With that said, stick around to learn about CamScanner’s interesting features.

How to remove the shade from your scanned document?

It is pretty normal to see shades after scanning any document with a phone app or with a scanner. This is a result of poor lighting conditions, or old hardware in the case of printers. Fortunately, you no longer have to deal with this nuisance thanks to CamScanner’s “no shade filter.” This magic tool can finally render your scanned document without shades or any unwanted lighting effect. This is done in a matter of seconds since you only have to press the picture and select “No Shadow” at the bottom menu.

How to remove the shade from your scanned document with CamScanner?

Get all of your documents free of markings.

Probably, you might have noticed how your scanned documents are filled with unnecessary markings and stains due to the ink or the environmental conditions during the scan. This results in a far-from-perfect scanned picture that is hard to read and understand. Nevertheless, this is a problem of the past because, with the “Smudge Function” of CamScanner, you can edit the quality of the scanned document. If you see any unwanted markings on your scanned copy, you can easily remove them! Just paint over it with the necessary color and make it disappear.

Get all of your documents free of markings/smudge

You can scan multiple pages at once!

Typically, you need to scan and edit one page at a time with most file editing apps. But, with CamScanner, instead of scanning one page at a time, you can scan as many files as you want and then edit and upload them together. Nonetheless, if you took a bad picture of any of these files, you can simply retake it and move on. No need to start over.

Share documents across platforms

Looking for a better way to constantly share and edit files on your phone and computer? Another CamScanner’s unknown feature is the possibility to open and/or edit files saved on your phone directly on your computer. This cross-sharing platform is ideal for working where you feel most comfortable. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Step 1. Click on the Share button in the upper right corner.

Step 2. Click on “Send to your computer.”

Step 3. Open CamScanner on your web browser and follow the prompts to scan the QR code with your phone to download or edit the file in the web version.

Share documents across platforms with CamScanner

Discover the CamScanner hidden features

These are just a fraction of the hidden features from CamScanner. If you feel that you need to improve your file editing skills on your phone, don’t forget to visit https://www.camscanner.com/ to download and install this app on your phone.




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