CamScanner Powers the Construction of Paperless Offices with Technological Innovation

3 min readJul 15, 2022


The concept of paperless offices was originally proposed in a 1975 Business Week Magazine article titled “The Office of the Future”. The COVID-19 pandemic seemed to accelerate this process as government-imposed restrictions and lock-downs resulted in millions of individuals working from home throughout the world. Digital-first solutions gradually gain its popularity. The paperless workplace appears to be the future for most enterprises now more than ever. CamScanner, the world-leading scanner app, aims to power the construction of paperless offices with technological innovation.

According to Touch Star, going paperless may save an average organization over 45 trees per year. A paperless office saves trees and decreases water consumption, with each employee saving an estimated 938 gallons of water each year. The first step toward a paperless workplace lies in the digitalization of workflows, such as file scanning, editing, and sharing. CamScanner, being a pioneer in the development of optical character recognition (OCR) technology, aids individuals in unifying processes with digital and scanned documents.

To be more specific, CamScanner can scan anything, including notes, files, recipes, and images, as well as IDs and crucial papers, and convert them to digital versions in PDF or JPEG. Instead of being overrun by papers, upload the soft copies to cloud storage and manage them online.

It’s easy to download this app on Apple or Google App Store for free. CamScanner provides all the users with basic functions like high-quality scan, auto edge cropping, cloud backup, rich editing functions, sync across devices, print wireless, etc.

Users may pay for a premium subscription, which offers 10GB of cloud storage and the ability to share password-protected document links, and other professional functions such as e-signature and auto uploading docs to Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, and OneNote.

CamScanner can also convert PDF files to Word, Excel, or editable PDF without losing formatting thanks to its AI-based OCR engine. In addition, CamScanner provides a free PDF converter on its official website: to express its support for digitization.

Users can access this set of free online PDF tools on its official website, where they can convert PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PowerPoint, JPG to PDF, and a few more formats for free.

To ensure the safety of uploaded files, the CamScanner PDF converter encrypts all files using 256-bit SSL. The information users upload is never shared or viewed by other parties.

Users can easily search, retrieve, and compile information by digitizing everything, making corporate procedures simple to adopt, more cost-effective, and extremely advantageous for staff productivity and customer experience.

Meanwhile, CamScanner has done everything it can to assist businesses, educational institutions, and people in going paperless. CanScanner has launched a program for students and educators at an accredited college or university to set up an education account, with which they can acquire premium access for free, in order to support digital and paperless education.

At present, CamScanner has been continuously exploring and adding new features, such as PDF tools on its mobile and desktop apps, allowing users to transform digital workflow into the new normal. The newly-released ‘Portrait Enhancement’ function is CamScanner’s another exploration that helps users to restore damaged pictures.

The effort will be rewarded. CamScanner is regarded by users as a fantastic tool for increasing productivity and efficiency at work. CamScanner is now used by over 550 million individuals from over 200 countries and regions. dubbed it “the greatest scanning app on the phone.” CamScanner has also received an official invitation to attend the Microsoft Tech Summit. It’s a terrific scanning tool that’s popular with users.

From file generation to data storage, technology allows all office procedures to be completed without the use of a single piece of paper. CamScanner helps to provide employees with flexibility and reliability by supporting their everyday duties. Meanwhile, a firm may save time, money, and resources by automating its workplace and becoming paperless. CamScanner will continue to attach importance to technological innovation to make the paperless office come to reality.