CamScanner Now Provides Free Advanced Features to Students and Educators

— Popular document scanning and sharing app CamScanner is now offering educational accounts for students and educators that include the app’s advanced features free of charge. The decision comes as a response to the positive reactions received between March and June 2020, when the app gave educational institutions temporary free access to the premium functions.

CamScanner’s Advanced Features Free for Students and Educators

Showing its support for distance teaching and learning, CamScanner has decided to offer free educational accounts to students and university staff working either on-site or remotely. In addition to regular functions, educational users will be able to enjoy a number of free advanced features once their accounts are verified, including the app’s ad-free version and no CamScanner watermark and QR code on the scans.

Educational accounts will also allow users to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to extract text from up to 100 images per month, create up to 1,000 free folders, use exclusive pendants for profile pictures, and enjoy 1GB of additional cloud space.

Easy Application for Students and Educators

Students, teachers, lecturers, and professors can sign up for a new educational account or switch from a free account to an educational one with their .edu email addresses, following the simple steps at . Educators with email accounts ending with different extensions can . CamScanner’s team will review each application and approve eligible accounts manually.

Supporting The Next Generation Worldwide

Schools around the world have moved their classes online due to the pandemic. Remote learning determined even simple processes, such as scanning documents or submitting assignments, to become a pain for everyone involved.

CamScanner allows students to scan their homework or assignments with their smartphone, save the scans as PDF or JPG files, and submit them on Blackboard, Canvas, or any other platforms required by the schools. In this way, the students don’t have to go to a library or post office to scan their papers.

The app also helps users scan books and PowerPoint presentations, add notes to their scans, and even recognize the handwriting on papers and digitize them. Thanks to these features, CamScanner is a powerful tool for students and educators worldwide.

“In the context of this global pandemic, many students and educators have to face the inconveniences caused by remote teaching and learning. CamScanner aims to provide them with the technology needed to solve and overcome these issues. Our goal is to support the young generation with the new educational accounts.” said CamScanner’s marketing director, Mr. Miller.

CamScanner’s educational accounts have a validity of one year and remain active even after graduation until their expiration date. Expired educational accounts can be renewed using a valid college or university email address.

About CamScanner

CamScanner is a mobile app first released in 2011 that allows Android and iOS users to scan documents with their devices. The app is favored by students, educational institutions, office workers, and anyone else who wants to digitize, scan, share, sync, and manage documents across various devices.

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