CamScanner for Education step by step instructions: How to verify your education identity and acquire premium access?

2 min readSep 23, 2021

Who are eligible?

· You’re a student or educator at an accredited college or university.

· You have a school email address. We don’t accept student IDs or other documentation to verify at this time.

· Your education account will be valid for one year, renewable after expiration as long as your school email is valid.

What are the benefits for education accounts

CamScanner for Education program opens full premium access to eligible users.


1. Open the CamScanner APP, click Me — Profile Pic — ‘Education Benefit’

2. Click [Account]

3. Click [Education Benefits].

4. Click Verify

5. Follow the instruction to enter your country, school name, school email, and other required information.

6. Click Verify Now. You will then receive a verification code in your email. Enter the verification code on CamScanner to complete your verification.

7. Your School Circle page on the app will be activated once your education account is verified. You may share the page invite your peers to join the program.

8. Once a school has more than 20 verified education accounts, all of the education accounts at that school will be automatically upgraded to premium with full access to 30 benefits.