4 Step Process on Saving More Time as a Real Estate Agent

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

As a Real estate agent, you are inherently busy, often finding yourself on-the-go and always asking where the day went. There is always another contract to be signed, another house to be shown and more activation to generate leads. Yet, certain steps like prioritizing, delegating, utilizing apps like CamScanner and setting time aside can not only save time and improve efficiency but also create a more healthy work-life balance.

Even for the most successful agents, the daily grind can be stressful and overwhelming. Improving time management and utilizing key tools can help to minimize this burden.

Here are 4 actions that agents, brokers, and leaders can take to save time and improve efficiency.

1. Start the Day Right, Prioritize

A successful day begins with a plan. Juggling many housing listings, things consistently come up throughout the day or week that need to be handled, inspections, price reductions, contract signings. Often important tasks that need immediate attention can be lost in the scheme of things.

Prioritizing is key to being successful and efficient. By first listing which goals you are trying to accomplish in the month, week and given day, you will understand what needs to be done. Putting weight on each of these goals allows you to recognize the importance of each and which one needs more time and attention than others.

Once you have weighted each goal, you can create your to-do-list in order of importance, ensure every day is well planned out and set time aside for emergencies because as we all know, they always come up.

2. Delegation

Many agents have difficulty letting go of control and often try and do everything on their own, even if it is the simplest tasks. Still, delegation is key to simplifying your schedule and allowing you to focus on what is most important. There are many tedious tasks in real estate that are simple to complete but very time-consuming. It’s important to work with your team and know each other’s skillsets.

This will not only save you more time but also help the overall agency operate more smoothly. And thus, more referrals and praise while generating more revenue can be expected.

3. Utilize Technology to Improve Efficiency

Digital innovation has directly impacted how the industry operates these days between online listings, virtual tools, and mobile apps. A mobile scanning app, Camscanner has one of the largest impacts on multiple fronts to save time. With the number of documents an agent handles in a day that needs review, multiple signatures, cloud storage, etc. CamScanner allows an agent to handle each aspect and more all-in-one.

With agents always on the go, time can quickly be lost running around gathering signatures or personally delivering offers to buyers or sellers. CamScanner allows you to scan any document and digitally e-mail, fax, or text message links for downloading to any party with security.

Tony Lonergan of Clockhouse Realty in Boston, MA reaffirms its necessity stating, “I use it every time I have to send documents to clients, or actually anyone”

4. Save Time for Friends & Family

Real estate is an around the clock occupation with all the tasks that are necessary to be complete for each client and with the management of the agency. Still, it’s necessary to set aside time for oneself as well as friends and family. Often this can become an afterthought like many other important tasks as one gets caught up in the routine of every day, yet taking a break to relax and spend time with loved ones allows one to relax, reflect and reset, ensuring that you can properly start the next day with a clear head.

A happy work-life balance helps the individual and helps those around them, including their co-workers, ensuring everyone can operate at maximum potential.

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