Fulfill your every PDF need for free using CamScanner

CamScanner has a wide variety of tools on its website, helping users convert several formats to PDF, such as DOC, PPT, XLS, and more, as well as converting other files to PDF.

Users can find the PDF scanner and other tools available at www.camscanner.com. There’s a wide range of PDF-related tools, such as converters and editors — these are all readily available and free of charge for anyone who wants to use them.

Using the CamScanner app is very simple. Users can convert a PDF file to a multitude of formats (including well-known file extensions such as DOC and XLS) as well as convert several formats to PDF. After browsing for or dragging the file in question, CamScanner will take a couple of seconds to perform the desired task. There’s no usage limit or fees in any way to use any of these tools.

CamScanner can also help convert hard-copy documents into PDF files thanks to its state-of-the-art technology. The scanner app will detect photos and convert them into digital reproductions without losing quality in the process. At the same time, that same technology can help users detect and extract any type of content (such as photos, tablets, and text) from PDF files — and then convert them to several formats, such as the ones you use in the Office package.

Digitization is unstoppable — and CamScanner is well aware. Because of that, it has continuously worked to improve its products and technology with one goal alone: to serve the workforce on a global scale. To do so, it has extended its functionality far beyond document scanning and into editing and more.

Finding the right scanner app is a difficult task due to the inherent trouble most software faces in scanning and converting a document to PDF without struggling with formatting or picture quality. Fortunately, CamScanner excels where other apps fail. Thanks to its deep learning and OCR technology, it can study and enhance content accurately.

Premium users can take their CamScanner experience to a whole new level by converting PDF files to editable versions by opening the Camera menu and selecting the To Text/Word option before scanning a document.

Anyone can scan their documents using iOS and Android devices with no issues. After selecting a document, users can take advantage of several editing features that come with the software, such as extracting text, making notes, adding watermarks, and converting to different formats. CamScanner continues with its dedication to making people’s lives easier and simpler through technology.

At the same time, the CamScanner app offers basic functions, such as scanning, cropping, creating backups, editing, syncing, printing, and more. More special functions, such as book scanning, identification, and form recognition, are also available. VIP clients will enjoy an even bigger range of options, including e-signatures and automatic document upload to other websites like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Although already mentioned above, it’s important to note how impressive this scanner app’s OCR feature is — and how helpful it is too. It’s not rare for people to be overwhelmed by a large stack of paper and files. Thankfully, CamScanner helps users organize their lives and files by creating folders and tags to differentiate their documents. Searching among a large number of files has never been easier thanks to the quick search tool as well as using a keystroke to search.

Regarding the privacy and data security, this scanner app uses 256-bit SSL Encryption for all files, no matter who uploads them. Users will be glad to know no third parties can access their documents because of that.

CamScanner is an excellent tool to improve efficiency and productivity — and users have raved and left great reviews because of that. As of right now, more than 550 millions users from over 200 countries have chosen CamScanner for their conversion and editing needs. CNET.com named CamScanner, “the greatest app on the phone.” It’s a fantastic scanner app — and users and the market agree.

CamScanner will continue to innovate to embrace the digitization that’s already here — and the one that’s soon to come. In doing so, it attaches importance to the user’s needs, helping them live a simpler life through the power of technology.



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